fredag 22 september 2017

Copic Awards!

Just nu anordnas något som kallas för COPIC AWARDS.

Det är en internationell tävling, uppförd och styrd av Copic centralt.

* Det går alldeles utmärkt att färglägga ett stämpelmotiv och använda som bidrag i tävlingen. Man behöver alltså inte ha tecknat motivet själv. Observera dock att det skall vara nytt och endast för denna tävling (se nedan) *

Här är en länk till hemsida: 
Här kan Ni läsa mer (på engelska):

Here’s more info about the COPIC AWARD 2017!!


*Any artists can apply to COPIC AWARD regardless of nationality, age, sex, or experience.
*Applicants underage at the time of submitting an entry requires an authorization from a legal guardian.
*Each applicant may submit only one entry. The entry must be placed one of three categories above at the time of registration.

*Applicant may submit the entry through COPIC AWARD official website (which will be launched very soon).
*Applicant must fill out a web application form and upload the image files of entry. No other method of application will be accepted.

Entry Fee: Free
Dimensions & Weight for Actual Artwork:
*Maximum Dimensions: 200cm x 200cm x 200cm
*Maximum Weight: 50kg

Rules and Regulations:
*Copic markers must be used in the process of creating artwork.
*Only an original artwork is eligible for entry.
*Entry must be previously unpublished in other competitions or publicly sponsored exhibitions (personal exhibition is excluded).
*Do not submit any entry that infringes upon any third party rights.

Artworks entered into the COPIC AWARD will be reviewed by juries of distinguished and international industry professionals.
The entry period will begin in the middle of Aug 2017, and will be open until Nov (NOTE: this schedule is tentative and subject to change).

For more details about the COPIC AWARD, please constantly check Copic official website and Copic Official Facebook page.
We will publish the latest information as soon as it comes in!

NOTE: All dates, policies and rules are subject to change at any time without notice. 

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